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[IP] Meter Readings - Mom to Kap

>I said meter was reading the density of the blood sample.
>Thank you for providing the question which resulted in debate between hubby
>and I.
>also, Thanks for listening
>mom to kap
M to K,
There are at least 2 varieties of meters; one requires light (my Exac-Tech pen or credit card ones that I carry in my purse) and then kind the Accu-Chek Complete that does NOT require light. I believe the light-requiring one does measure density. You may be right about what you are thinking and he right about his. Someone else will have to explain it because I can't find my instruction book for the E-T to describe it. I just know it requires light and sometimes I supplement it with my little flashlight on my keychain. There are many, many meters out there and there may be a 3rd kind.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 49yrs, pumping 16 yrs)