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[IP] Thick/Thin Blood - MAG

>Wow Jan this is very interesting!!!!!  I think Matt would find it a very
>interesting Science project for his Scientist pin in Cub Scouts........i'll
>let ya know......how do you test the ketchup?  I'm not sure about wanting to
>use his meter.....let me know.
This is a *hands-on* project -- not a sugar-testing one. 8^)  Ketchup has a lot of sugar in it's recipe so the results would not be equal to blood. Feeling the differenct consistencies is the object lesson of what happens in the body as the BG rises. That 400 bag sure helps a non-diabetic understand why a diabetic is so lethargic, sluggish, etc. My mom always told me (back in the '50s) to get dressed, I'd feel better. Getting dressed never once lowered my BG. We had no home BG capabilities and one shot of NPH/Reg. a day.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 49 yrs, pumping 16 yrs.)