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[IP] Re: A Question for the Discouraged

>I imagined a newly perfect life with freedom and control -- I
>honestly expected things to be drastically different.

>but I can't honestly say that I am
>leading a better life with the pump now.

>So, I guess I'd just like to hear if any of you have gone through this or
>are going through it right now.


Nope.  I honestly expected pumping would be worse because of being
attached, so I resisted.  Today the pump feels like a part of my anatomy.  I
even have grown accustomed to using short infusion tubing.

Can I buy you a drink?

I am sitting at my keyboard as we listen to Fleetwood Mac "The Dance" DVD. I
am sipping on a B-52 cocktail, a shot each of Kahlua, Bailey's Irish Cream
and Grand Marnier.  I bolused five units of Humalog and apart from gaining
an ounce or two, my BG is going to remain about 120mg/dl.

We share my hot and sour soup and Edward's key lime pie for dessert.  Six

Pizza, candies, pastries, cakes, etc. difficult to manage on shots are a
piece of cake with the pump.

We (fast take) test our bgs while stopped at traffic lights.  If more than
150, we
bolus a little, even at 30 mph.  An hour later another test and another
Even walking around.

Testing for BGs, we go to sleep at about 100 mg/dl and wake up about the
same,  WITHOUT waking up at 4am because we are throwing ourselves into the
walls and dragging our nose on the carpet from a lente induced hypo.  Sleep
later without losing bg control.

Our diabetes no longer dictates our schedule or nutritional requirements.

Many were the times we had to scrounge for extra breads when the airlines
surprised us with smaller than expected meal trays.

No meal, no problem.  An extra meal or two, no problem.

Getting insulin resistant from having the flu or having to take cortisone?
Test and correct each hour.

Imagine more.  Enjoy your freedom.  Push the envelope.

Can I get you a refill?

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