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Re: [IP] C-peptide test

Darlene- yes, I had one done one month after I started pumping.  I was 
supposed to have one sooner but they messed up the order on my lab work :( 
so I have no idea how much insulin I was still producing before pumping.  My 
levels came back at nearly 0 -- so whatever very very short honeymoon I may 
have had is over.  (I have only been D for 6.5 months)  My first endo didn't 
want me to start pumping until I was done honeymooning . . .except for the 
slight problem that we couldn't really tell when that was . . .i think the 
current theory is that I went for so long without diagnosis (a whole year) 
that by the time I went on insulin I didn't have much honeymoon potential 
left! I think I honeymooned for about 2 weeks . . . :)  good luck with the 
test, I don't know how useful it will be for figuring out dosages, but it 
might give you some indication of the honeymoon period.  --Gianna

>has anyone had a c-peptide test done -
>kap - age 9 - has not to my knowledge - rest assure - he will when they do
>the next hba1c -
>to me - it seems like this would give good info when trying to set dosages.
>i was told 1 reason endos dont like to go pumping until 1 year has passed -
>due to honeymoon stage should be over after 1 year.
>thanks for listening
>Darlene (mom to Kap)

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