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[IP] D Rapid infusion sets

My 7-yr old son has been pumping since mid October. I spoke to six
different pump wearers prior to beginning and they were all using the
tender. We began our training with the tender in mind but as we got
closer, we began to think realistically about whether Jason would
tolerate the insertion of the tender. We tried to weigh out the pros of
a disconnect with the ease of insertion. We chose the rapid infusion set
because we felt that he would be most compliant with it and it would
cause him the least discomfort. I have to say that it has been a great
experience because infusion site changes take all of 2 minutes to
complete. The "needle" is only 6 mm long and thinner that the syringe
needle gauge that we were using previously. We have had no infections or
bumps, nor has the infusion set been pulled off. There is no chance of
kinking and it hasn't had a clog. We cover it with 1/2 of a polyskin
because we found that half is enough and a whole tape is just too large
for a small belly - it takes too long to take off and is too painful.
The rapid is just like putting a thumbtack in and for little children it
is really a godsend. At the present time, the rapid does not disconnect
but I was told that there would be a detachable rapid in the first
quarter of next year from a wearer of a beta unit. She has been pumping
for years and has always felt in the most control when wearing the

I can't speak with the years of experience that most all of you can (and
I have been real thankful for all of your years of experience) but I can
say that it has taken us very little time to regulate Jason's basal
rates and bolus responses. Our Doctor has been very surprised by our
progress and I truly feel that it is because the mechanics of the
insulin delivery has remained so consistent and standardized for us with
the use of this infusion set.


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