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No Subject

Hi Linda,
My daughter was also 9 when she started pumping.  I thought it was
confusing, too, trying to decide between the two pumps - I'm not quite sure
what I would have decided if Jenna's endo hadn't said that, though he'd work
with either, he preferred Disetronic.  Jenna has had her D for 15 months
now, and we don't regret the decision a bit.  Its major advantage for us is
its waterproof-ness.  In the summer, Jenna can spend all day at the beach,
pool, waterpark, etc (which we do a lot), never disconnect, never worry
about having to reconnect for boluses, and be just fine.  But, sometimes, I
envy the MM people their square wave feature.  The big thing is, both pumps
work great, and are way better than shots.  You can't go wrong.  Feel free
to write to me off the list, be glad to tell you about our D experiences or
pumping with 9 year olds in general.

Nancy Morgan

<<My 9-year old son (diagnosed 7 years ago)is currently trying both the
MiniMed and Disetronic Pumps. We can't decide which we are going to
purchase We would love to chat
with other parents and find out what system they prefer..>>

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