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Subject: Re: [IP] how does the liver decide?-burning fat


Hi Gianna,
Do you use a temp basal rate decrease and / or disconnect during workouts?
When a non - diabetic person starts to exercise, their insulin levels drop
very quickly to as low as 20% of their usual basal secretion.  So, it makes
sense, that if you're going to exercise, and don't want to eat, that you
have to have a lot less insulin around.  And since even Humalog hangs around
for 2-3 hours, you may have to start the decrease an hour or more before you
start exercising.  When the liver doesn't have a bunch of insulin around,
that's part of the signal for it to dump the glycogen, then burn the fat.

Nancy Morgan

 << Think about it...if you burn 400 calories on the
>bike, where is that fuel gonna come from? We, in general, have much more
>getting to that so-called "fat burning " paradise we all strive to get
   So, how can we burn fat then?? If we have
to eat while exercising then doesn't that defeat the purpose?  .  I would
really like some help with this one.  --Gianna (confused)>>

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