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[IP] Night time highs and lows

Anita -
Growth hormone in kids can definitely cause unpredictable sugars, and it
comes in spurts, mostly at night.  So that's a real possibility for the
variability of her nighttime sugars.  And there's not much you can do about
it except test and correct.  But the other possibility to watch is what her
activities are in the hours before she goes to bed.  If Jenna has been
active, her sugars will drop for hours after the activity.  Those nights,
she needs a snack, just like MDI days, before bed, or else a lower temp
basal rate.  If she's been sitting around, watching TV, then no such
problem.  Tonight, I have 2 diabetic kids (mine and a friend) on the
trampoline right up till bedtime.  I will insist that they both eat (no
bolus) before they go to bed.

Hope this helps, Nancy Morgan

<<night-time bg's are a mystery and scary. ..she can go to bed with a bg =
of 170 and wake up in the 300's or she can go to bed with a bg of almost =
300 and wake up at 170. A good number of nights she wakes up with the =
same bg that she had when she went to bed. Any ideas on what =
could be affecting her bg's so dramatically when she is sleeping and =
what I can do to figure out the right basal rates so that she does not =
go low.


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