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Re: [IP] A cure around the corner!!??

ABout a week or so ago, someone posted about the work of Dr Vinick (sp?),
and his INGAP protein.  That research certainly sounds promising as a
CURE for type-I DM!!   As I recall, there are several groups studying
this, including Eli Lilly, Dr Vinick, and I think a Canadian University
(but I could be wrong).

In that post, and the links it pointed to, didn't mention the early
work (I didn't see it anyway..).  It almost sounds bizzare!  They took
mice or hamsters, and wrapped their pancreas with cellophane tape.  
This irritated the pancreas, and caused it to secrete a protein that
causes under-developed beta-cells into full blown beta cells.  Apparently,
this protein is normally found when the baby is just forming it's pancreas
in the womb.  The neat thing about this stuff is - it promotes your own
cells to turn into insulin producing beta cells, eliminating the need
for transplants or anti-rejection drugs!

Do a search for "INGAP", to find more goodies on this subject!!


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