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Re: [IP] A Question for the Discouraged...(a little long)

Hi Carrie,

I'm Linda, mom of Kevin that has had diabetes for 8 yrs. He has been pumping 
since the end of Aug too. We were sooooo excited at first, thinking what a 
whole new life it would be. Well, at first it was so discouraging trying to 
get levels set, but eventually it got easier. He did go through a little 
depression when he realized that was going to be hanging from his tummy 24/7, 
but started getting used to it. We still eat about the same way except it is 
nice not to have to have snacks when you don't want them...(We all pretty 
much eat the same way with Kevin)  People say the same things, isn't it nice 
he doesn't have to have shots anymore, well he really could care less about 
the shots. He does like the goodies, but Kev doesn't live to eat like the 
rest of us...he eats to live...Gosh, wish I could feel that way.
Maybe since you were doing so well on shots, the pump just isn't for you...I 
met a guy that was on it for a year and quit and went back to shots and is 
very happy. For us, it's definitely a life change (again!!), but it does give 
Kev more freedom to eat...Heck, he didn't get up until 9:30 today and didn't 
eat breakfast unitl 10:30  and didn't have lunch. Mind you, that rarely 
happens with our schedule...my hubby likes his 3 meals..lol, but it's a good 
thing for all of us.

Well I just talked your ear off, but I hope all goes well for you...good luck.

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