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[IP] On Mixing Insulins

Greetings-  I started mixing Regular insulin with Humalog about 2 years ago 
(when I first discovere nasty pump bumps after a day on a new infusiion 
set!)  I used a ratio of 1 part regular to 4 parts Humalog.  After a year I 
started getting bumps again and used 2 parts Regular to 3 parts Humalog.  
Lately I've been using half and half (NOT cream LOL), but my post prandials 
are getting up there (180 or more after 2 hours).  I don't like this much.  
A Dise representative told me to try using the Rapids (straight needle) with 
100% Humalog to determine my sensitivity to Humalog.  (Frankly, I used 
Humalog for a year  of MDI, and I KNOW it's just when I use it in my pump 
that it causes problems).  I DO believe I'm NOT allergic to the Humalog 
itself - maybe those buffers or whatever...  Hmmmm.  Has anyone here tried 
the straight needle route with any better results.

I've found myself injecting Humalog after a particularly high carb meal 
(like yesterday's) but am not wanting to get into both pump and injections 
if possible.  So have you tried it?  Did it work?  I can't even afford my 
regular supplies and am wondering if it's worth a shot (no pun intended).

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