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[IP] A cure around the corner!!??

I just wanted to comment on a news story that was done on our local 
television station.  It sounds SO PROMISING!!!!

I live in Minnesota, and as many of you know, the University of Minnesota 
are doing LOTS of research on inslet (spelling?) cells transplants.

The new story went inside their labs, etc... and did an interview with a 
main researcher there.  He said that they are SO CLOSE to a cure right now.  
He expects within 5-10 years.  Yes, I know, I've heard those estimates 
before!!!!  He said for right now he doesn't call this "a cure" until the 
patients DO NOT have to take all those anti-rejection drugs.  So, that's 
what they are working on.  To eliminate all the drugs that a person has to 

He sounded so promising and really lifted my spirits.  He said within 5-10 
years.... but, also said he wouldn't be surprised if it was more like 3-5 
years because they are so close to succeeding with it all.  They gave the 
number for people to call if they had questions or comments... and of 
course, I didn't get it written down fast enough.  I'll post another message 
as soon as I can with more info.  The television station of out of the St. 
Paul/Minneapolis, channel 9.

Keep the Faith everyone!!!


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