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Re: [IP] Re: low blood sugar question

email @ redacted wrote:

>    My daughter noticed the exact same phenomenon...even said she could tell
> what her bgs were by the color of the blood - that it was darker, in addition
> to thicker, when she was high...Of course, not surprisingly, when she
> mentioned this to the head ped. endo, he smirked at the idea....Glad to see
> she wasn't alone in her logic!!!

I'm gonna add another vote -- I've observed the same phenomenon -- the
doc probably smirked because he never even THOUGHT about it -- and they
sometimes have a tendency to dismiss us ordinary folks as ignorant and

I suppose you COULD do a scientific study on it -- I don't know exactly
how you'd measure thickness and color, but there MUST be a way! Maybe a
science fair project!!!

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