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Re: [IP] Which Pump is Best? Minimed or Disometric Very long

Dear Linda:
Both pumps are good. It is up to you to choose which pump best suits your 
sons lifestyle and comfort level. They both have good features, and in the 
end both will improve your sons control if used properly. Minimed has a lot 
of comfort features like vibrate, remote control, and dual boluses designed 
for gastroparesis. Disetronic gives you 2 pumps, a faster delivery rate and 
has a more durable case and no fear of the resivour dropping out, which is 
sometimes an issue in active children. If your son will have a low basil rate 
the D pump will deliver in a more uniform rate (every three minutes).These 
things are features that in most cases will not affect control. Both pumps 
safety features are excellent, but Minimeds latest pump is currently 
experiencing problems that they are working on fixing (we all hope soon) 
Another consideration is how much and what type insulin your son will be on 
when pumping.Humalog tends to clump up and clog the tubing if it sits too 
long which is usually the casein low basil rates.MM is trying to introduce a 
reformulation of humalog that wont clog in their pumps but my MM rep cant say 
if and when this will happen. Because of the 3 min delivery on the D this is 
not a problem, Also because MM can pump up to 5psi(Pounds per SQ. inch) 
before it occludes and D will pump up to 30 PSI before it occludes most 
people that get high pressure alarms will get less with the D. Again I want 
to stress that you will win with either, and I am not an expert just a HHD 
(Happy Healthy Diabetic) that does a lot of research. Pumping 11 years used 
both pumps and did well on both, currently on a D. If anyone out there would 
like to dispute the info please call the respective companies (not the sales 
dept., the tech depts) and ask them as this is where my info has come from, 
and I believe the info to be true.
Brad HHD Diabetes 33 yrs pumping 11 yrs
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