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[IP] debate?

Melissa wrote:
> Steve, Natalie, and Sarah,
> I feel like I want to discuss the issue that you guys are 
> debating about....  I think that target ranges vary for different 
> people depending on unique factors. Some people, however, 
> view goals differently, and if  they do not reach their goals, 
> they do get frustrated.  So I really do think that it is only fair 
> to let people decide what is right for them based upon 
> there own views and personal issues.      

Since you are including me (though I spell it Sara) as being a part of a 
"debate" I just thought I would remind everyone that no where in my any of my 
posts do I say that anyone "should" aim for anything. bg range wise!  I 
personally recommend 100-150 as a reasonable target range for someone with 
retinopathy and who might have some hypoglycemic unawareness, but I would 
certainly never want to try and convince anyone who is "married" to 80-120 
that MINE is better.

In fact I think I clearly state that to strive for perfection is an exercise 
in frustration!.  Someone ELSE said that you  must never let your bg go over 
150 and I was making exactly the point that you do

So, I just wanted to clarify that I was NOT involved with ANY debate.  I 
don't debate.  As you say everyone has their own point of view, and this is 
an area that I don't try to force my opinion as being the ONLY one.  I do 
what is right for ME, tell everyone what works  or doesn't work, for ME,. and 
then it is your CHOICE to do whatever you want!!  of course, if you do what I 
tell you and it works, I will happily take all the credit <g>

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