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[IP] Melissa - UNC Greensboro

Melissa I attend UNC Chapel Hill and have the student insurance plan through
Hill, Chesson and Associates.  If you are in fact covered by Hill Chesson,
you will qualify for COBRA coverage after graduation!  Very cool.  I am
sorry to hear your financial struggles with diabetes.  It is a very unfair
world when you make life decisions based on insurance plans rather than
other factors, and I feel your pain.  What type of career are you pursuing?
Depending on the type of job, you should be able to get some decent
coverage.  In most cases, only the self or un-employed have difficulties.
My father was self employed which is why my insurance benefits sucked for
years.  BCBS through Hill Chesson is a dream to me....

Susan (email @ redacted)

Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 20:59:08 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] cost of pumping

    I live in NC and am using my mother's insurance because I am in school.
I think you may have a different policy with BCBS if they are covering 100%.
Paying for the pump myself really puts me in a bind.  My mom doesn't have
enough money to help me other that paying for my insurance because she is
also in school.  So I am stuck, I am in school full time and believe it or
not I have three jobs.  One is at a vet clinic at approx. 20 hours a week,
the other job is usually about ten hours a week.  I help my professor
canvas.  My third job is temporary at the post office.  I am working there
over the Christmas brake that I get from school to make extra money.  And
guess what, I still cannot meet my bills.  I have to pay 20% of everything
which sounds easy but think about doctor visits...and...well I am sure you
know.  I am not sure what my mother has but I will check and see, mean time,
will you e-mail me back with the name of your policy.
Not to blabber, but another thing that I am scared of is what is going to
happen when I graduate.  I am a junior at the university of North Carolina @
Greensboror and have a year left.  what happens to my coverege then.  I have
heard that insurances will not cover prexisting heath problems for one year
after you begin a new policy.  Man, I am so scared of what is going to
happen.  Diabetes put soo much fincial stress on me.

- -Melissa>>>>

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