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[IP] re: 9 year old pumper

I have a just turned 8 year old son (Birthday today - Turkey day!).  He has been pumping with the Minimed 508 for just over 2 weeks.  We are enjoying the benefits of this therapy.  We are still working on fine tuning the basal rates.  This entails mom loosing a lot of sleep as I test him at midnight, 3 AM and 5:30 am, (when I get up to walk, when else would I have time?).  We seem to have stopped the swings of 400 to 40 in a couple of hours.  Mike's blood sugars are getting to be pretty steady.  I love all those readings in the 100's!  We were constantly battling 300's all the time on the multiple injections.  

We chose the Minimed because that was what our endo was familiar with.  They had had good support from the MM support team and felt comfortable with them.  I went with their experience.  Using my new, free AccuCheck Complete meter that was sent to us, in the last 14 days Mike had 8% of his readings as low (below 80), 46 in the normal range (80-180) above normal (above 180),  But we have had very few readings over 300 and many of those considered high were only 190 or 210ish.  Quite a change for us.  

Mike loves his cool blue pump with the neoprene blue case.  I was really concerned about pumping at school, but he is doing great with a lot of support from his teacher and staff.  I still consult and provide bolus amounts, but he does all the programming they just check to make sure he has the right numbers entered in.  

We have not had any problems with sites.  We do not use any type of numbing cream or ice for insertion.  Mike just grits his teeth and says it only hurts a little bit for a short amount of time.  We treat it as no big deal.  We visit the endo tomorrow for a recheck - but at this point, I am very happy in this choice we have made. 

Mike calls himself a pump-e-mon.  It has made a positive change for us.  I feel we are more in control of the bg readings and can do something about them if they are out of whack.  Before, we were at the mercy of the NPH injections.

Good luck to you in making your choices.  Feel free to ask any questions.  I have found some good advice at the IP site.

Sue Cahill, mom to SIXSONS ages 3 to 15
Mike, 8 yrs old today!, dx 1-97, pumping 11-99

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