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[IP] Thanksgiving success . . .so far!!!

Hello all, figured I'd start off the posts on how everyone's Thanksgiving 
went!  I hope everyone had a great day and was able to spend some time with 
family/friends etc. and enjoy some good food.  And to all the pumpers out 
there, hopefully this year (especially if it was your first pumping) was a 
little less stressful than others.  I for one, am in the process of a huge 
success story!  Tested bg before dinner (at 4 pm I might add, previously an 
inconvenient dinner time) and was 98 (yay!) and two hours after some 
seriously delicious turkey/stuffing/veggies/etc. was 150 (double yay!!)  now 
for the real fun: dessert!! Ok, Ok, we didn't really use regular recipes.  
We substituted for most of the sugar, but I still would have had problems 
with this on MDI:  a piece of cheesecake, a piece of apple pie, and a piece 
of pumpkin pie.  They were small pieces, but still a considerable amount of 
carbs for my normally low-carbing self.  So imagine my delight when my 2 
hour post dessert reading was 87!  I was a little worried that I might have 
overestimated my carbs but I have been around 94 mg/dl for three hours now!  
Yay!!!! I love my pump!
Hope everyone else has similar successes! --Gianna

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