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Re: [IP] cost of pumping

    I live in NC and am using my mother's insurance because I am in school.  
I think you may have a different policy with BCBS if they are covering 100%.  
Paying for the pump myself really puts me in a bind.  My mom doesn't have 
enough money to help me other that paying for my insurance because she is 
also in school.  So I am stuck, I am in school full time and believe it or 
not I have three jobs.  One is at a vet clinic at approx. 20 hours a week, 
the other job is usually about ten hours a week.  I help my professor stretch 
canvas.  My third job is temporary at the post office.  I am working there 
over the Christmas brake that I get from school to make extra money.  And 
guess what, I still cannot meet my bills.  I have to pay 20% of everything 
which sounds easy but think about doctor visits...and...well I am sure you 
know.  I am not sure what my mother has but I will check and see, mean time, 
will you e-mail me back with the name of your policy.  
Not to blabber, but another thing that I am scared of is what is going to 
happen when I graduate.  I am a junior at the university of North Carolina @ 
Greensboror and have a year left.  what happens to my coverege then.  I have 
heard that insurances will not cover prexisting heath problems for one year 
after you begin a new policy.  Man, I am so scared of what is going to 
happen.  Diabetes put soo much fincial stress on me.

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