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[IP] needle pain

Funny how if I had that cotton-filled eye patch on me I didn't get jabbed and bloody when I got hit by my purse, or grocery cart, or counter top, etc. An instant pain resulting in blood is different that an allergy. The allergy itch resulted after 4-5 days of contact. The jabs were immediate. As stated before, Whatever works for you. SofSets work for me -- and that's why.
Jan (age 60, T-1 49 yrs, pumping 16 yrs)
>Jan wrote:
>> I had to put a metal, holey eye patch over my bent needle
>> site to protect me from jabs from my purse, grocery carts,
>> and little children's knees when holding them.  I had a lot
>> of pain and was somewhat allergic to the metal needle.
>I would bet the pain you felt was mostly due to the allergy and less to the
>little needle being in you all the time.  If you are allergic, and many
>people are, then all kinds of irritations are building up and causing
>aggravation which would explain why you had so much pain!