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[IP] blood sugar range

Thank you all for all the information about normal goal ranges.  As I said
in my post, I have had to have such extreme goals in the past, that I wasn't
sure what would be best now that I am doing so much better with the pump.
In my last digest, I noticed this response to someone answering my post:
Just as a point of clarification, I think this would be worded BETTER by
" *I* (meaning Steve) never go above 150 and if *I* (meaning Steve) do, I
should immediately give a bolus to bring it down."

Just cuz this is what works for YOU (meaning Steve) doesn't mean it should
will work for me (meaning Sara) or anyone else.  *I* (meaning Sara) normally
do NOT bolus at 150 because that is the top range of my goal of 100-150, s0
why mess with damn-near perfection?

Why aim for perfection anyway?  Why encourage others for perfection?  It is
possible, of course, but it takes Herculean efforts!  And when we fail, as
most will in trying to ALWAYS keep their bg under 150, we only feel BAD,
we have messed up, we are failures - we SUCK...shame shame shame...I just do
NOT agree with this!!! But as always....what works for you (meaning Steve)

Steve, I appreciate your ability to have such great goal ranges.  I am
hoping that someday soon, I will be at a point that my body will let me
treat a bg of 150 as a higher than needed reading.  Right now, I have
adjusted my "high range" to start at 175 as someone else suggested to me.  I
would say that I am sure you are not saying that you will never be above
150, but I have learned that there are something that are not even close to
the same with diabetics.  You may very well be able to keep your bg at or
below 150.  If this is something you are capable of diong......FANTASTIC!  I
wish I was one of those diabetics that can set a basal or even an injection
amount and not ahve to worry about much fluctuation.  Unfortunately, I am
not.  If you are.........GO FOR IT!  But, thanks anyway for the encouraging
thoughts, knowing that some one some where is able to do what the medical
books say we should ALL be able to do.  For those of us who have problems
with bg levels under 150 such as Sara, good luck with your quest.  None of
us intentionally writes to this list to make anyone else feel as if they are
failing at anything.  I have been so COMPLETELY IMPRESSED with the amount of
caring that goes on on this list.  You are all amazing and should be proud
of how much you care about each of us.  Thanks--no shame for any of us---YOU

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