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Re: [IP] cost of pumping

At 05:42 AM 11/25/1999  Sandi Pope wrote:
 >Was wodering if anyone would divulge what amount your
 >ins. comp. was paying for your initial cost of pump
 >and monthly supplies?  Right now, our ins. comp. will
 >only pay 50% of pump (x 2 kids) and 50% of monthly
 >supplies.  Ins co on the East coast consider the
 >monthly supplies durable medical equipment not
 >prescriptions, therefore, not eligable for the
 >prescription card copay for $10 for a 3 month supply.
 >Sounds like discrimination to me.  This 50% coverage
 >is unacceptable.  Do I have any recourse????

I think the contracts for every insurance company is different. My 
insurance paid 80% and fortunately my wife's insurance paid 80% of the 20% 
that was left from my insurance. I consider myself very fortunate.

As far as supplies, I think it can be readily argued that they are 
expendable not durable goods. You may want to call your pump rep and/or 
company for some help here. You may also want to contact your state's 
insurance commission. My insurance handles them like a prescription and in 
fact my doctor writes out a prescription for them every year. Beyond this, 
I have no idea what legal recourse you have, though.


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