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Re: [IP] After Wrestling Highs...need help(longish)


       This might sound crazy but try to skip his supper bolus altogether,
depending on the time of supper before his exercise.  As a rule of thumb, I
never bolus for food before exercise.  I usually just skip lunch or supper
if I am going to exercise.  If Matt is hungry try to figure out how many
carbohydrates he can eat that will keep his blood sugar in range while
wrestling and off the pump.  Try complex carbohydrates(slow acting) as
opposed to simple carbohydrates (fast acting) that will give him a blood
sugar spike right away.  Slow acting carbs such as power bar.  Whats
happening with Matt and the highs is probably the bolus is keeping his sugar
normal and as the night wears on his bolus wears, and the only thing keeping
his blood sugar under controll is his activity.  Once he stops his blood
sugar will rise due to the carbohydrates from the gatorade he has been
drinking all night.(gatorade is probably offseting a low he would have from
his bolus.)  This usually happened to me when i was riding my bicycle for 90
minutes and after eating.  After still raising my bolus ratio my blood sugar
would be severly low during the ride in which I would have to eat extra
carbohydrates to compensate for (Sweet tarts work great-fast acting-the
best) once the ride was over my blood sugar would continue to rise high.
The solution was to not to bolus before exercise , eat the correct amount of
carbs before the execise, and test sugar during exercise as a guide and
assurance. What was happening was i had to eat alot of carbs to raise my
sugar as well as for the activity I was doing.  This never let my blood
sugar go up.  Once my ride was over my sugar would greep up because i no
longer had the activity keeping my blood sugar done from eating to many
carbs for the low and extra insulin taken for supper or lunch.  In Matts
case I would skip the supper and bolus, give him a snack, test his sugar,
and at first skip the gatorade or drink it all at once instead of through
the whole night.  Also with Matt being disconnected from the pump he might
not need a snack at all.  One scenario might be no bolus 4 or more hours
before exercise disconnect from pump as usual, skip snack and test sugar
during wrestling.  If a low happens give sweet tarts (12 or more depending
on severity and exercise remaining.)  Use data to adjust.  Good luck.  Tell
Matt to pin someone for me and diabetes.  Don't give up.

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Subject: [IP] After Wrestling Highs...need help(longish)

> Ok i searched the archives and couldn't find the thread on after excercise
> highs....so here goes.  Matt has wrestling for 2 hrs 2 nights a week.  I
> raise his carb/ratio at dinner and let him sip 20 oz of gatorade over the
> 2hrs.  Wrestling is extremely vigorous.  Hear are his numbers for the last
> two nights.  I don't know what to try next.
> Tues.                                                             Weds.
> 6:00   113   4oz juice 4 activity                   7:00  153  started
> sipping gatorade
> 7:00      97  started sipping gatorade           8:00   135   still
> (20oz total)
> 9:00    207                                                9:00  202  gave
> him missed basal  0.6
>                                                                10:00
> 303........
> I cut out the xtra carb of juice on Weds, and made sure i gave him the
> basal as soon as practice ended, thinking that would resolve.  How would i
> know if his liver is dumping?  I assumed all was well because the hourly
> checks were ok.  Is it possible that he crashed between 8-9 Weds and i
> know it?  AGGGH  Help
> Please.
> Mag
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