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Re: [IP] Those inexplicable BGs

At 07:53 AM 11/25/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >      I met a mom this past weekend whose 9 yr old pumper son was "test
 >driving" Minimed's continuous glucose sensor. The "bottom line" observation
 >that she related to me was that her son's bg was 200 at midnight & then 200
 >again when she checked him at 4:00 am. Logical conclusion was that his basal
 >was too low- right? Wrong! Turned out that the CGS revealed that he had
 >DROPPED after that midnight reading & REBOUNDED to what she detected at 4:00
 >am, which just coincidentally appeared to have been an unchanged bg since

Thank you!! Its almost impossible to fine tune something when all you have 
are crude tools. It's like trying to measure things to a 1/10 of a gram 
with a scale that isn't accurate to more than a 1 gram. I've always said 
that the major problem with our BG meters is that they only give you a 
single snapshot of one moment in time. There isn't a hint as to whether the 
BGs are going up, down or stable. To be really accurate you need to have a 
series of readouts over a long period of time. Even then, our current 
meters are only +/- 20%.

One of these days we'll get access to relatively accurate reliable CGS 
systems that we can read ourselves, then we will have a tool that can help 
make a real difference.


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