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Re: [IP] Tenders versus Silhouttes


I would call MiniMed and tell them about that woman's
attitude problem.  Anyone who acts like she does makes the
whole company look bad.  I am sure they would want to know
about it.

Good luck with your pump.


--- Isabelle Emery <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who answered my question, as I now
> have some other
> options to follow up on.  No I cannot order directly from
> Minimed due to
> liscencing arrangements with their sales reps.  Pumps are
> relatively rare
> in Canada and Minimed is still in the infancy of setting
> up supply
> channels.  I wish them a lot of luck as they have a very
> good product and
> the person in charge of the Canadian operation is
> absolutely super but his
> hands are tied when it comes to the local supplier.  I
> have had no problems
> at all with anyone from Minimed except for my local
> supplier, who seems to
> feel that I don't order enough supplies and has the
> strange idea that by
> being rude to my husband and myself she can persuade us
> to buy more.  A
> strange logic and one that will not succeed.  I do intend
> to buy more
> frequent supplies and buy them in bulk once my insurance
> is in place but I
> don't remember that I promised to meet a certain quota
> when I bought the
> pump.  I always pay prior to delivery, give plenty of
> advance notice though
> I do buy only a month's supply at a time which she
> doesn't like, and I
> phoned her exactly twice during the start up period so I
> hardly think I've
> been a bothersome client.  My husband picks them up at
> her place after
> making arrangements well in advance as to what time would
> be suitable for
> her.  She has been so rude to him that my husband refuses
> to pick up
> supplies for me if I continue to use her as a suplier. 
> As I have no car
> and she lives across town this is a major problem (plus I
> agree with my
> husband).  Pumps are still rare here.  I had to go for a
> medical for my
> drivers liscence now that I am diabetic( for which I am
> charged $60.00
> annually --boy is this an expensive disease) and the
> doctor had never seen
> an insulin pump before and was quite curious so I showed
> her how it worked.
>  Someday pumps will be as common in Canada as they are in
> the USA but I
> think we have a lot of catching up to do. Please don't
> get me wrong.  I
> love my pump and I think the Minimed service has been
> excellent with the
> exception of my local supplier.  These are start up
> problems and I am sure
> that they will be resoved as pumps become more common
> here. 

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