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[IP] basals,control- long sorry

I have been pumping almost 3  weeks now and my numbers are still off. I know 
it takes time but I think I even have my endo. confused. My #'s are as 
follows:12 am-6 am=.4  6 am-2 pm=.7  2 pm-12 am .5. Now for the last 6 days 
my sugars run low between 6pm and 8pm and also between 11pm and 1am. I tried 
to test my daytime basals my skipping a meal and the results were weird. If I 
wake up at lets say 120 by 12 noon my sugar is 188 without eating. But if I 
wake up at 120 eat my 15 grams of CHO and bolus my 1 unit by noon my sugars 
are good (under 130). If I wake up high like 260 dont eat and bolus to 
correct (1 unit per every 50) it takes forever for it to come down. Only when 
my sugar is high does that correction bolus not work. I have also tried 
dinner carbs a million times 1-10, 1-12, 1-15, it varies drastically. I cant 
seem to make sense of it. For the last few days my numbers are all over i 
have been eating 1 meal a day and my body adjusted fast to 1 meal a day. I 
sincerely appreciate any insight.Maybe someone can see something that I am 
not. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I am definately thankful for this list and 
you guys. Thanx again!!!           :o) Leesa   email @ redacted
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