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[IP] above 150

Steve wrote:  
> You should not go above 150 at all, and if you do, you
 > should immediately give a bolus to bring it down. 

Just as a point of clarification, I think this would be worded BETTER by 
" *I* (meaning Steve) never go above 150 and if *I* (meaning Steve) do, I 
should immediately give a bolus to bring it down."  

Just cuz this is what works for YOU (meaning Steve) doesn't mean it should or 
will work for me (meaning Sara) or anyone else.  *I* (meaning Sara) normally 
do NOT bolus at 150 because that is the top range of my goal of 100-150, s0 
why mess with damn-near perfection? 

Why aim for perfection anyway?  Why encourage others for perfection?  It is 
possible, of course, but it takes Herculean efforts!  And when we fail, as 
most will in trying to ALWAYS keep their bg under 150, we only feel BAD, like 
we have messed up, we are failures - we SUCK...shame shame shame...I just do 
NOT agree with this!!! But as always....what works for you (meaning Steve) is 

Natalie wrote:
> is there anybody out there what CAN achieve that goal of
> never going above 150 at all? Even for a certain percentage of the 
> time?

Not me, and while I WILL give a .2 - .4 correction is I am 160, I will not 
correct for a 150 in most cases.  Now, since my profile was zeroed out on 
monday when i saw my endo, my 14 and 30 day averages are down from 168 and 
180, respectively, to 119 (!).  I haven't had a bg over 190 since Monday, or 
one under 70, which for me, is the best I have done in years...And while it 
is nice to see that low daily average of 119, I am not gonna smash my head 
into a rock when it creeps up!  I am happy if I can keep my bg from going 
above 250 or under 60.  And I certainly will not fret for long if my bg goes 
up to 300 today...I made a chocolate yukky for dessert and plan on enjoying 
Natalie wrote:
> 200 is the goal that I rarely (not never!) go above 

I think that is much more achieve-able than 150...  


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