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[IP] Those inexplicable BGs

Greetings all:
     I know, I know, I should be getting the turkey ready, but....Thought I'd 
give you all a little more "food for thought" on this day of 
      I met a mom this past weekend whose 9 yr old pumper son was "test 
driving" Minimed's continuous glucose sensor. The "bottom line" observation 
that she related to me was that her son's bg was 200 at midnight & then 200 
again when she checked him at 4:00 am. Logical conclusion was that his basal 
was too low- right? Wrong! Turned out that the CGS revealed that he had 
DROPPED after that midnight reading & REBOUNDED to what she detected at 4:00 
am, which just coincidentally appeared to have been an unchanged bg since 
     In the absence of the availability of CSG for all of us pumpophiles, 
then it probably behooves us all NOT to get TOO manic about tightly 
fine-tuning bgs. If it's working, that's GREAT...but if it's not, aim for 
doing the best you can one day at a time....My daughter's pump is 
realistically NOT a pancreas, and her meter, even if I were obsessed enough 
to check her hourly, is NOT a CGS......but compared to life with 4 daily 
shots 3 1/2 years ago, if this is as "good as it gets" for now, this is very 
"doable" indeed......I have HOPE that a better sensor/ closed loop system in 
the not so distant future WILL enable all of the pumpers to achieve "better 
than it gets today"......
      Lastly, Melissa was "sleuthing" on the Internet & happpened to check 
out the Animas website & discovered it was updated November 17 th & that 
there are LOTS of job listings there now: <A 
HREF="http://www.animascorp.com/">Animas Corporation</A>. Hmmmm....could this 
mean FDA approval is "in the wings" I wonder?????
      Happy Thanksgiving to all the IPers....and "thanks" for "giving" of 
yourselves so selflessly all throughout the year...

Regards, Renee (almost 17 yr old Melissa's pump-mom)
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