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Re: [IP] MM 508 & new pumper

Sam Skopp wrote:
> At 09:47 PM 11/24/1999  Hal Roeder III wrote:
>  >
>  >My 13 yr old is BRAND NEW at pumping(1 week with the MM 508) & because of
>  >the software problem, our endo wants her to stop pumping until she gets the
>  >upgrade!!  
> You may want to call MiniMed directly (1-800-826-2099) and explain to them
> what your doctor wants you to do. Let them advise you. Depending on your
> use, the software problems may not impact you at all or they may have a
> work-around. Keep us posted as to what happens.

Another possibility is to ask MiniMed to send you a loaner 507c until
the new pumps are available -- I know they can do that. The 507c works
much like the 508, except no remote control or variable basals for
different days, but lots of us are very happy with it -- no software

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