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Re: [IP] cost of pumping

>Was wodering if anyone would divulge what amount your
>ins. comp. was paying for your initial cost of pump
>and monthly supplies?  Right now, our ins. comp. will
>only pay 50% of pump (x 2 kids) and 50% of monthly
>supplies.  Ins co on the East coast consider the
>monthly supplies durable medical equipment not
>prescriptions, therefore, not eligable for the
>prescription card copay for $10 for a 3 month supply.
>Sounds like discrimination to me.  This 50% coverage
>is unacceptable.  Do I have any recourse????

    Hello, I have Healthmate Coast to Coast and also live on the East Coast 
(Rhode Island).  My insurance covered 100 percent of my pump and 100 percent 
of the pump supplies.  On my plan, these things are listed as Durable 
Medical Equipment and are fully covered.  The only things I pay for are a 
copay on insulin and a deductable on strips.  --Gianna

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