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Re: [IP] Re: Low blood sugar question-colors

><<Why is it more difficult to get enough blood for a blood sugar check
>when the person is having low blood sugar? Or is it just my imagination?>>

  Hmmmm . . .i would also think this is YMMV.  I find it more difficult to 
get blood when I'm high.  I don't know why -- i read a previous post about 
low bgs meaning poor circulation.  I could see where this would be true, and 
I was thinking this could be the same for highs as well? I mean, long term 
highs cause neuropathy which is basically poor circulation, right?  ?   
Also, just curious, can anyone tell what range their bg is going to be in by 
the color of the blood?
(I know, this is a weird question :)  If my blood is deep red, then it means 
low or normal.  If it's more bright, it usually means I'm high.
just wondering! --gianna

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