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[IP] MM 508 and New Pumper

Only if you are using the multi-basal profiling will you encounter a
problem..  That is where you have the standard profile, then profile 1,
then profile 2.   Just turn off the multi-basal profiling in the Setup 2
menu and just use the standard profile.  You will still be able to set
up to 48 different basal rates in a given day which is 2 every hour or
one every half hour.

Program your daily basal rates as you normally would and you are good to
go.  DON'T STOP USING THE PUMP.  Your doctor gave you terrible
information.  The problem is very minor and Minimed would of sent you a
pump already if they thought at anytime your daughter would have to
temporally suspend her pumping regiment.

When in doubt call Minimed for help they are great and available 24hrs.
a day.  I have had a couple of problems with my 508's and they have
addressed every issue and concern quickly and professionally.


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