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[IP] Re: Low blood sugar question

<<Why is it more difficult to get enough blood for a blood sugar check
when the person is having low blood sugar? Or is it just my imagination?>>
Hi Joyce,
I've noticed this too. I'm no expert, but maybe it's because the body is 
clammy and cold, although you may be dripping from sweat. I was told once 
that your body starts to "shut down," i.e. the decreased circulation.
I remember when I was pregnant with my second daughter. We were stationed in 
Berlin, Germany and I had a lot of trouble with low BG's out of the blue. I 
called my hubby at work and all I could get out was "I need help." By the 
time he got home I was convulsing<sic?> on the couch. I woke up in the Army 
ER and the ER techs were trying to start an IV -- they had the nerve to ask 
me if I could "hold still" while they tried to find a vein. What a bunch of 
Dip Wad's! They finally had to get the anesthesiologist to start my IV 
because they couldn't find my veins. My body was so cold I was shaking 
uncontrollably -- probably part of the convulsions -- and my teeth were just 
chattering. They kept bringing me heated blankets while the IV was flowing. 
Obviously this is the extreme end of low BG, but I just wanted to give an 

Geepers!! This has gotten quite long (for me), but in a nutshell I think it's 
one of those YMMV things -- but my guess is the decreased flow of circulation.

Sally =o)
IDDM for 35 of my 36.5 years
(hopefully pumping soon)
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