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Re: [IP] how does the liver decide?-burning fat

  Think about it...if you burn 400 calories on the
>bike, where is that fuel gonna come from?  If your starting bg is in a good
>range, you most likely don't have that much sugar floating around in your
>blood so you are gonna drop and drop until your liver gets a signal from 
>brain to dump in the glycagen.  We, in general, have much more difficulkty
>getting to that so-called "fat burning " paradise we all strive to get 

   So, somebody please help me here, how can we burn fat then?? If we have 
to eat while exercising then doesn't that defeat the purpose?  well, I know 
it doesn't totally defeat the purpose but how should we go about losing some 
fat without putting ourselves in danger? It seems like if our bodies no 
longer like to release glycogen then we will just keep storing fat no matter 
what.  I would really like some help with this one.  --Gianna (confused)

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