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My 5-year old daughter Elisabeth went on the Disentronic pump at the end of September. We have worked real hard to figure out her basal, coverage scale, and bolus ratios. All is well during the day for the most part with very little highs (over 300) and very few lows. I feel pretty good about the days because they are mostly predictable. However, night-time bg's are a mystery and scary. For example, she can go to bed with a bg of 170 and wake up in the 300's or she can go to bed with a bg of almost 300 and wake up at 170. A good number of nights she wakes up with the same bg that she had when she went to bed. The other night for the first time (on the pump) she had a low in the middle of the night. I'm still checking her at night so I caught the low. I have collected lots and lots of data which I really don't know what to do with at this point. My husband and I are dragging because of lack of sleep. Any ideas on what could be affecting her bg's so dramatically when she is sleeping and what I can do to figure out the right basal rates so that she does not go low.

I have read quite a bit about the dawn and "dusk" phenomena on this list. Could this be what Elisabeth has? If so, how do you work through getting the best basal rates?