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Re:[IP] Sils, bgs and cats

Hi Guys:

I just started using the Sils. (Have a mm 507C and going into my fourth week 
pumping!)  The reason I changed to the Sils 1) Am pretty skinny and bony 
above the waist.  Every time I tried to use the Soft Set it wouldn't stay in, 
would I guess hit muscle (I wish) or bone.  2) It is nice not to have that 
tube tail hanging off when disconnecting. I really like it - doesn't catch so 
much on my clothing etc.  The problem I am having is how far do you have to 
push the needle in to make sure the catheter is securely placed.  Last night 
I had to insert twice!  Each time insulin leaked!  Finally I pushed the darn 
thing hard enough and it is working.  Also, I am getting a little red bump at 
the insertion point, is this "pump bumps" or am I heading for an infection.  
When I change the site the bump goes down and fades away but am always afraid 
that I haven't gotten the darn thing in far enough.  I had to change the site 
at one o'clock in the morning which wasn't fun.

The good news! My bg's are really improved!  They are staying pretty 
consistently between 90 and 185. This is a major improvement for me.  Before 
the pump my averages were anywhere from 200 to 300. (Yikes)  Getting on the 
pump is the best decision I ever made in my life.

Cats and tubing.  I had my 1st chewed tubing last week.  My youngest cat 
(1-1/2) took a nap with me and had a wonderful time gnawing on the tube, 
unfortunately the taste hasn't discouraged him.  That wiggly tube just 
fascinates him!  So now I am using the 23" which I can hide better.

Take care
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