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[IP] Fiber in Carbo Counting...

Darlene brought up something that she found that the ADA published:
about reducing carbo content by fiber content..

This is something I am amazed is not widely known!!  It should be!
I'm glad the ADA has broken the silence on this.

This is something I had come to find out on my own!  My wife made some
kind of multi-bean soup.  Some of the beans had a majority of the carbo
in the form of fiber.  To make a long story short, I took too much insulin.
I had tried to subtract the fiber from the total carbo content, but couldn't
believe the soup had that little carbo - so I added a bit more...  I would
have been fine if I had just subtracted the fiber, and not played with
the numbers!

Fiber is an UNDIGESTIBLE form of carbohydrate, so your body cannot utilize
the carbos in fiber.  Therefore, fiber should be subtracted from the
total carbo content, when computing insulin on carbo counting.

Another bit of evidence to support this, is found on a bottle of
BEANO (antigas enzyme).  It warns that diabetics will need to consider
that more carbohydrate will be available if you use BEANO, because the
undigestible fiber (that forms gas), is converted to digestible carbos.
I may have the wording wrong for the BEANO, because I am working from
memory - and it was a long time ago since I last looked at a BEANO bottle.


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