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[IP] bent needle /sofset/BOB/started out Amy

Bob wrote:
By way of comparison, the most discomfort I ever felt in close to 4 years
on the pump was from a SofSet. I had one press against the muscle wall in
my abdomen when I was hiking, and I could barely crawl back to camp. Not
typical, but  just another perspective.

BTDT.  I once, after reading all this great advice on the site, inserted a
sof set below my ribcage, about one inch below, for a different spot to try.
My sugars were great, and all was going well, until......I bent over to get
a shoe off the floor, and all hell broke loose so to speak!  The pain was
immense, just as Bob spoke of, and I had tears running down my face and it
was the most extreme pain I have ever felt with a site!!  And my sites are
never painful.  So my deduction was that I had put it TOO high up, close to
ribcage, and had smashed the cannula against my ribs and broken it all!
Well, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but thats what the pain felt like!  :)
Anyhoo, I layed down on the bed and stayed like that til I called my hubby
at work and told him about it, he just advised me to watch for blood around
my set.  Never had any, and all was well until the next day, I went to
Walmart shopping, and after my bg dropped from shopping, I ate in the car,
and then drove home.  I had a small discomfort on my ribs, but nothing
major, so didn't think alot about it.  Got home, decided to look at site,
and lo and behold, it had fallen out and the cannula was stabbing me!!  It
was funny, because with out this site, I would have freaked!!!  But I was
all cool and calm and just told Ken to get my bottle of insulin out of
fridge please, and got my stuff to change with.  He got more excited than I
did, it was my first one to ever dislodge!
Sorry so long, but Amy, I used bents too, and only had one bleed, after I
was gardening all day, other than that, no problem whatsoever!  I love them
too, and would go back to them if I couldn't use my sof serter/sets.  so
stick to your guns girl!  If it works, go for it!
Luck to all,

Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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