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[IP] how does the liver decide?

Jess wrote:
> what causes the liver to decide to dump glucose 
> stores?  recently i seem to be having a lot of highs after walking 
> around to and from classes and such...  

The brain decides when the liver dumps, and the trigger is set at varying 
levels.  If you are on a roller coaster of ups and downs, then it is very 
difficult to predict what the trigger is.

First of all, however, mere walking for short periods doesn't really count as 
exercise, so unless you are talking about big chunks of walking, I'd think 
your highs were caused by incorrect basals or bolused.

True post exercise hyperglycemia is caused usually by not enough glucose 
ingested WHILE exercising.  Think about it...if you burn 400 calories on the 
bike, where is that fuel gonna come from?  If your starting bg is in a good 
range, you most likely don't have that much sugar floating around in your 
blood so you are gonna drop and drop until your liver gets a signal from the 
brain to dump in the glycagen.  We, in general, have much more difficulkty 
getting to that so-called "fat burning " paradise we all strive to get to... 
SO during the workout, you crash, your liver dumps and your bg soars.

The solution to prevent this is to sip diluted juice while working out, or 
eat some complex carbs beforehand...

> is there anything i can do, besides trying to find a pattern

well actually that is the best thing TO do...see if you can find a pattern 
and then you can determine what you need to do to fix it...If you walk EVERY 
day, the same amount, and you are always crashing DURING and real HIGH after, 
then it maybe you need to suspend or eat or sip juice during your 
walk...Ifyou do it every day at the same time, you might try lowering your 
basals 2 hours before you start.

Good luck - and remember, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again  and 
if you still can't get it right, then - HEY you must have diabetes!!!  

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