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[IP] Source of improvement?

I have been having trouble with my BGs being (fairly consistently) high for
no apparent reason.  In the last 3 days, that trend has stopped (thank
goodness!), and I have had much more stable BGs.  I am trying to figure out
why that would be true, however, so that if/when I have the same problem in
the future, I'll know what to do to fix it!

Possibilities are:

1- quit taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory med for tendonitis in my
shoulder (still have the tendonitis, unfortunately)
2- got/completed menstrual period
3- slightly increased my exercise routine (more consistent activity)
4 - cut down on antihistamine/decongestant med

Perhaps it's a combination of these (plus maybe other factors I haven't
realized), but the change has been very noteworthy.  Which of these three
possibilities do you think is likely to have made the most difference?

Laurel Sedgwick
Type 1 since 12/74; MM pumper since 5/98

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