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[IP] needle pain

Jan wrote:
> I had to put a metal, holey eye patch over my bent needle 
> site to protect me from jabs from my purse, grocery carts, 
> and little children's knees when holding them.  I had a lot 
> of pain and was somewhat allergic to the metal needle. 

I would bet the pain you felt was mostly due to the allergy and less to the 
little needle being in you all the time.  If you are allergic, and many 
people are, then all kinds of irritations are building up and causing 
aggravation which would explain why you had so much pain!  

I used to play with my nephew at the in the park and at the discovery zone 
and crawling through those tubes and up and down ladders and throwing my body 
this way and that and never felt a thing....one time, sammy asked me "what is 
that thing hanging out of your shorts?" it was the needle with the tape still 
attached...I had ripped that sucker out and never even felt it.  I just stuck 
it back in and smoothed the tape bsck down and was fine until I could get 
home and really fix it...try THAT with a sofset!  tee hee

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