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[IP] blood in cannula

Another "new" experience - I had a two day old site that had been bothering
me a little but not so much for me to change it.

Went to work out today and just suspended instead of disconnecting.  It was
really hurting by the time I was done so I took a peek at it.  When I
disconnected, the cannula filled with blood.  I bolused, it went away, but
when I disconnected again, it filled again.

Teaches me to keep an eye on my sites since I don't always inspect them - I
was surprised that it didn't fill over the two days I had had it in or when
I inserted it, AND that it only filled when I disconencted (I guess because
of loss of pressure)...

Happy turkey day everybody...


Amy - random ? for ya - what gauge/gage (don't know spelling of it) needle
are the bent needle infusion sets?  Just curious if they are as thick as the
needles on the sils and softsets!

Susan M. Fisher
University of North Carolina
Department of Computer Science
(919) 962-1771

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