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[IP] Re: Nutrition Action

>I think they left a 'few million' people out of the running here.  I am
>more aggravated as my mom handed chubby me the magazine.  I actually had my
>own brother tell me once that if I lost some weight I could probably get
>of this disease.  Did I mention lately that these kinda folks annoy me to

People don't always realize that there's 2 kinds of diabetes: 1 and 2.  When
I was diagnosed, I was not obese, au contraire, I actually looked like a
candidate for anexoria, skin and bones!  I have since put on a few pounds,
thanks to the side effects of this disease.  I do, however, make sure
everyone I talk to knows about the different types of diabetes.  And if I
could get rid of this disease by shedding a few pounds, I surely would do
it.  They make it sound so easy!  *sigh*  By the way, I NEVER order a
supersized anything!

They had an article in our newspaper about a 3 year old who was diagnosed at
14 months.  While a lot of it was accurate, some comments or misquotes
miffed me a little bit.  One was a nurse saying that diabetics had a fruity
smelling breath.   I asked my husband if my breath was fruity smelling and
he said "no".  I think the quote probably had to do with diagnosis and DKA,
but was taken out of context when put in the paper.  Also, the father made
the comment that as long as his daughter took her shots and checked her
blood, she could eat anything she wanted.  I think that statement should
have been clarified a little bit better.  Wonder what would happen if she
wanted to eat a bag of candy bars!

We have to remember that these articles are written by reporters that don't
have a clue.  And they may not always understand what they're being told.

Type 1 for 37 years, still hoping to be pumping soon...

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