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Re: [IP] Changes, changes, changes -Help please!

Hi Kathie-- I have been having the same problems as you.  In the end, I 
needed to change my basals-they went up .3 units an hour for the morning and 
.2 units an hour for the evening. Now I'm on .7 and .6 units per hour 
instead of .4  I'm not sure why, but that's the way it is :) In order to 
figure this out, I had to fast for a day and check bg every hour or so . . 
.do you have pumping insulin? There is a chapter on how to do basal testing 
in there.  this is what I'd suggest--you can always try to figure out why 
later, for now just get your bgs under control.  I found that once I did 
this my carb ratio became reliable again.  good luck!! --Gianna

>I have been on MM507C since July.  At the end of Sept,  my basals tests 
>fine and by bolus was also ok.  In mid Nov, things began to change.  I wake
>about 730 to 8:30am with a bs around 120 and immediately have brkfst.  Two
>hours later I am lucky if I come in with a 160 but most of the time it is
>between 200 and 250.

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