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[IP] Tenders versus Silhouttes

Thanks to everyone who answered my question, as I now have some other
options to follow up on.  No I cannot order directly from Minimed due to
liscencing arrangements with their sales reps.  Pumps are relatively rare
in Canada and Minimed is still in the infancy of setting up supply
channels.  I wish them a lot of luck as they have a very good product and
the person in charge of the Canadian operation is absolutely super but his
hands are tied when it comes to the local supplier.  I have had no problems
at all with anyone from Minimed except for my local supplier, who seems to
feel that I don't order enough supplies and has the strange idea that by
being rude to my husband and myself she can persuade us to buy more.  A
strange logic and one that will not succeed.  I do intend to buy more
frequent supplies and buy them in bulk once my insurance is in place but I
don't remember that I promised to meet a certain quota when I bought the
pump.  I always pay prior to delivery, give plenty of advance notice though
I do buy only a month's supply at a time which she doesn't like, and I
phoned her exactly twice during the start up period so I hardly think I've
been a bothersome client.  My husband picks them up at her place after
making arrangements well in advance as to what time would be suitable for
her.  She has been so rude to him that my husband refuses to pick up
supplies for me if I continue to use her as a suplier.  As I have no car
and she lives across town this is a major problem (plus I agree with my
husband).  Pumps are still rare here.  I had to go for a medical for my
drivers liscence now that I am diabetic( for which I am charged $60.00
annually --boy is this an expensive disease) and the doctor had never seen
an insulin pump before and was quite curious so I showed her how it worked.
 Someday pumps will be as common in Canada as they are in the USA but I
think we have a lot of catching up to do. Please don't get me wrong.  I
love my pump and I think the Minimed service has been excellent with the
exception of my local supplier.  These are start up problems and I am sure
that they will be resoved as pumps become more common here. 

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