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[IP] Fw: abdominal Neuropathy " Thank You for The Info."

> From: dubjut <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Cc:email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: abdominal Neuropathy   " Thank You for The Info."
> Date: Tuesday, November 23, 1999 9:49 PM
> Hi Almeda ,  Denese ,and Wendy      Thanks for responding to my post,  I
> really appreciate it,  I no longer feel alone with the dredful
> complications that this disease can bring!!!!!       I have also had
> problems with my bowels for about 6 months but thought it was just a side
> affect from the many meds I am Taking!!!!  As you read in my post I had
> just had cervical surgery on Aug.17 99 on my neck,  The surgeon used a
> peice of bone from my left hip to use for the fusion in my neck,   So I
> Trying to rule out that he may of cut through some nerves and triggered
> this neuropathy, He told me he felt it wasn't from the surgery when I
> followed up with him on Oct.6 99,    Now I " think " I believe him !!!!  
> The next day Oct.7 I seen my Endo. for My three month check up  he gave
> a nerve check using A Pin on my abdomin!!   I told him it felt like a
> like constriction around my waist,   He didn't find alot of numbness but
> told him it was very painful,   I was already taking 25mg of
> That was given to me by my regular Md to increase my  pain threshhold !!!
>  So my Endo. increased that to 50mg !!!!!     He figured that would do it
> What A joke}     I was in so much pain  I seen My Regular Md  on Oct 12,
>   and ask him to refer me to a neuroligest but Couldn,t  see one until
> 9, 99  So he put me on Nerontin    100 mg 3 times per day , increased to
> 200 mg 3 times per day on Oct .15  and just made an increase today to 
> mg twice a day for three days and then he said to take 400mg 3 times a
> !!!     I hope the neuro. can help me because I wouldn't wish this pain
> my worst enemy!!!!      IddM Dx'ed Oct. 4,  1994   Started Pumping
> Oct.7,1999 Now using a 508           Thanks again   CJ   Jutras          
>     Lewiston, Maine      The cold State now in an indian summer and
> it!!!!!!!!      P.S.  Any more insites on this would be most
> helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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