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[IP] Re: Tom's daughter - pump?

My daughter, age 6, just started pumping.  She was dxed 12/21/98.  The pump 
maximizes your chances at good control while providing everyone with a 
better quality of life...no more eating at the same times everyday, even 
when your not hungry but have to eat.  Our endo was reluctant to put Laura 
on the pump also, telling us to wait till she hit puberty. Why should we 
sacrifice YEARS of depriving our children of the best control possible?  NO 
WAY!!!! I fear what damage is being done to her little body with her high 
and low bgs. I want the best control now!   So I found an endo that would 
put her in the pump.  He has many children on the pump.

Another reason I would not wait till puberty (12 - 13 yrs of age)is because 
children (toddlers) are more open to change.  Teenagers are rebellious and 
may not be as open to change as younger children.  I try to imagine someone 
trying to hook me up to a pump at 13yrs of age when I was so worried about 
appearances, boys, etc.... I say let your daughter get use to it now so it 
becomes a part of her and then she can deal with real teenage issues when 
she is a teenager. My 6 yr old thinks it is the coolest thing to have her 
pump on...everyone thinks it's a beeper!

Please don't deprive your daughter of what she deserves.  Fight for her 
right to have the best life possible while living with diabetes.  My 
daughter loves her pump, and although she is only pumping saline, she can't 
wait for the day to go live on insulin (January 2000).  There are 5 other 
children going live with her.  They will be in the hospital for 3 days and 
having a "pump party" as her endo calls it.

All my best to you and your family.

Laura Lentini-Iaffaldano
Mother of Laura, age 6, dxed 12/21/98
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>Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 21:43:53 -0500
>I have a daughter, aged 3, that was diagnosed 2/19/99. Bad day.
>She now gets 3 shots per day. Breakfast, Dinner, 10pm. Her last HbA1C was
>I am interested in the pump for her. I know there are many small children 
>the pump...but what are the negatives to putting a child so young on the
>Our endos have said it is rediculous. They want us to wait until she is at
>least 12 years old.
>Margaret is not going to rip out the tube. She just isn't like that. If we
>tell her to leave it alone -I believe that she will. She also started
>telling us a few weeks ago when she feels "low"...and she has always been
>Very, very interested in your opinions and thoughts. Thanks for taking a 
>moments to respond.
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