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Re: [IP] Nutrition Action

Dianne De Mink wrote:
> Greetings-
> Here's the latest issue [Dec. 99] and what it had to say about diabetes.  It
> disturbed me, in much the same way as that "One Candy Bar Away from a 
> Coma" article did. (snip)  Sadly, I've always found this to be an excellent
> magazine, and whereas the info isn't so inaccurate in may respects-  well,
> you tell me what you think.  I've a mind to start a letter campaign.

Well, they DID mention that it was Type 2 they were talking about, but I
think the core of the problem is that not enough people know the
difference between Type 1 and Type 2. 

And even Type 2 is not CAUSED by obesity (otherwise, all fat people
would have Type 2), but a genetic disease which is exacerbated by

Here's a niche where the ADA and JDF really need to do more public
relations work. 

But I also have to tell you, that you can't fight the tide --
approximately 90% of diabetics ARE Type 2 -- and that's where dietary
prevention and treatment measures are appropriate -- so the article
really was appropriate for that magazine. 

I've been fighting the Type Weird battle for years -- when you're in the
tiny minority, you CAN'T expect everyone to focus on YOUR situation when
the immense, needful sea of the vast majority is out there. You just
quietly make sure YOU know what to do to meet your own needs.

So I would counsel you to work on those people who most impact YOU --
your mother, for example, and see if you can educate her on the
difference between Type 1 and Type 2. And acknowledge that you know she
cares, and loves you, even if she doesn't really understand YOUR

In my honest opinion, 
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