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Re: [IP] A good bg range to shoot for

Steve Lazarus wrote:
> Testing is key, so if you need to test every hour or 2
> then do it for a few days.  It can only help.  You
> should not go above 150 at all, and if you do, you
> should immediately give a bolus to bring it down. 

Just curious -- is there anybody out there what CAN achieve that goal of
never going above 150 at all? Even for a certain percentage of the time?

I think of my BGs as being in very good control, but 200 is the goal
that I rarely (not never!) go above -- if I worked REALLY hard at it, I
might be able to get that number down to 180, but I sincerely doubt I
could keep BGs below 150 at all times without also having a lot of

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