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[IP] Bent needles and unbent ones too

As one of the inventor/discoverer/finder of the comforts of teflon caths I'll 
let everyone in on the origin of these for the pump.

When the original pumps were made there were only straight stainless 

These were 'great' in that if you wanted a pump that is what you wore.

Some of us (me being first in my group and probably one of first based on 
stat's) discovered large lumps under the place where the needle was inserted.  
After being sliced open (literally) to check for infection once or twice I was 
ready to scream (as it turned out that more and more of these were giving me 
this reaction).

Dr. suggested I go to local medical supply store and buy some teflon IV 
catheters with luer-lock end.  These could be hooked up to the luer lock 
extension tubing for the pump providing a teflon catheter for the pump!!  

Hate to report what INSERTION and wearing of this contraption was like 
(imagine a luer lock connecter about an inch from the insertion needle, all of 
which has to be taped to self such that it ain't gonna move).

Today we've got choice of a few different catheters both in teflon and 
stainless.  I would imagine YMWV and each of us has their favorite and 
non-favorite of these things and that's how it aught be.

To those of us who have discovered we NEED tefs (teflon catheters) they're a 
life saver (well, they are a gut saver as getting one's abdomen cut up every 
week or two is NOT a lot of fun).  (Expecially when done with no anestetic 
except for some liquified gas being sprayed on the area to freeze it)


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